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16/01/2018· Case Study: Read this case study for a specific example of chrome white iron outperforming AR plate. Microstructure Notes No article on heat treating ASTM A532 would be complete without taking a look at its microstructure. The high level of chromium in high chrome white iron prevents the formation of graphite in the microstructure. Instead of

Heat Treatment in High Chromium White Cast Iron Ti Alloy

The influence of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of high chromium white cast iron alloyed with titanium was investigated. The austenitizing temperatures of 980°C and 1150°C for 1 hour each followed by tempering at 260°C for 2 hours have been performed and the effect of these treatments on wear resistance/impact toughness combination is reported.

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An austenitizing heat treatment usually comprised heating at temperatures between 750 and 790°C (1380 and 1450°F) with a soak time of 8 h. Air or furnace cooling, not over 30°C/h, was conducted followed by a tempering/stress-relief heat treatment. Refrigeration heat treatment is the more commonly practiced remedy for low hardness today.

CN104195420A High-chrome wear-resistant cast iron

The invention discloses a high-chrome wear-resistant cast iron material and a heat treatment method. The high-chrome wear-resistant cast iron material is prepared from iron as a main raw material, and carbon, silicon, manganese, sulphur, phosphorus, chrome, molybdenum, nickel and copper as auxiliary materials in manners of melting and casting after preparation.

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22/09/2016· The heat treatment should be designed based on the chemistry of the part, its section thickness and desired properties. Applications for Chrome White Iron Pumps,impellers and suction or bearing liners are some of the most common uses for chrome white iron.

Analysis of the High Chromium Cast Iron Microstructure

different hardening temperatures on the properties of high chromium cast iron were compared. The study led to systemize the literature data of the parameters of heat treatment of high chromium cast iron, and optimal conditions for heat treatment was proposed for

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form iron is lustrous, silvery, soft, and ductile. However, pure iron is a poor engineering material, generally not as strong as most plastics. Cast irons are based on the Fe-C system, and the solid-state transformations on which cast iron heat treatments are based are similar to those applied to steels. Heat Treatment of Cast Irons

Heat treatment process for high chromium grinding ball

Heat treatment of high chromium grinding ball is the main method to obtain good wear resistance. The research on high chromium cast iron ball mainly focuses on stone composition selection, heat treatment process determination, modifier selection, good carbide type and wear mechanism.

Heat Treatment in High Chromium White Cast Iron Ti Alloy

The influence of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of high chromium white cast iron alloyed with titanium was investigated. The austenitizing temperatures of 980°C and

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re-engineered High Chromium Steel rolls. By introducing special alloying elements and heat treatments versus industry standard products, the Union Electric Åkers enhanced High Chromium Steel is even more suited to the working conditions in the roughing stands of hot strip mills. High Chrome Steel Work Rolls, known for reliability and performance

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The initial as-cast microstructure of a high-chromium (2.35% C, 18.23% Cr) white cast iron consisting of primary austenitic dendrites and a eutectic mixture of M7C3carbides/austenite was extensively...

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wear performance of high chromium white cast iron. Quenching, seeding and micro-alloying can, to a limited extent, increase the wear resistance, but this is best achieved by heat treatment in the solid state. The methods for producing high chrome iron casting include double pour, continuous pour and centrifugal castings [1, 3]. In this study

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chrome carbides and lead to the consequent chrome loss from the matrix whi ch caused the all oy structure to be susceptible to corrosion. However, hi gher chrome proporti ons all owed a high-chrome stainless matrix. When a thermal treatment was appli ed to

Heat treatment of high-chromium cast iron

The heat treatment processes of high chromium cast iron for dredger mud pump blade were studied. The results show that when the high chromium cast iron is austenitized at 800°C, 900°C, 1000°C

annealing and re-hardening ASTM A532-93 Class III Type A

My question is, can high chrome cast iron be "heat treated" to re-harden to 500 HB after annealing or even tempering to 400? Some of the curves in the "Abrasion Resistant Cast Iron Handbook" suggest some high chrome irons can end up with vastly different hardnesses even after tempering to the same temperature, depending on retained austenite.

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High Chrome Casting, High Alloy Steel Castings Exporter . So the integrity of the castings and the care and control used in heat treatment are decisive the formation of the properties of high-chrome white cast iron. »More detailed

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Microstructure and wear resistance of high chromium cast iron containing niobium *Li Wei Male, born in 1963, Ph.D, Professor. His research interests mainly focus on abrasion metallic materials and metal matrix composites, special functional metallic materials, tribological research and biomedical materials. E-mail: [email protected]

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A process for softening high carbon, high chromium steel to render it machinable includes pre-heating, homogenizing, isothermally annealing and slow cooling the steel. Heat treatment for high chromium high carbon stainless steel

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The high controlled percentage of chromium helps to retard the formation of graphite and stabilize the carbides. The article of D. Kopyciński et al. presents results of heat treatment on the high chromium cast iron. The study was carrying out on samples cut from the casting made from chromium cast iron. Those were hardened at different

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In high-Cr white cast iron when the Si content is higher than 0.6%, formula (1) can not be used to calculate the t. The silicon element decreases the hardenability of the high-Cr white cast iron. The contents of alloying elements given in Figs. 3 and 4 were the

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Annealing is the softening of metal by heat treatment. Ferrous metals are annealed by heating to just above the A3 point (a point above non-magnetic that varies with the carbon content), and then cooling slowly. For common carbon steels the cooling can be done in dry ashes, lime powder or vermiculite. For high carbon and alloy steels annealing

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12/04/2001· Martensitic Stainless Steels. High carbon high chrome steels are heat treatable as a consequence of the higher carbon content, and are known as martensitic stainless steels (e.g. 410, 416). They do, however, exhibit lower corrosion resistance due to chromium depletion of the oxide film. They exhibit good strength and oxidation resistance up to

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The variations of microstructure and mechanical properties of a high-chromium cast iron for rolls were studied from as-cast to the final heat treatments. Results show that the as-cast microstructure of the HCCI consists of M7C3 carbide, M23C6 carbide, martensite matrix, and retained austenite. The large dendritic M7C3 carbide surrounds the matrix, and the M23C6 carbide is mainly distributed in

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2.2. Heat treatment. The annealing of high-chromium white cast iron alloys is conducted when it is necessary to machine the pieces before destabilization. This treatment is applied to obtain a soft matrix with the maximum amount of ferrite after solidification, creating excellent conditions for machining. The decomposition of austenite into

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The high-chromium cast irons respond to heat treatment when the carbon and chromium contents are appropriately adjusted. However, machining of these alloys is very difficult. Chromium is added to heat-resistance cast irons because it assists in stabilizing carbides and forms a protective oxide on the metal surface. Even small additions of

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20/09/2016· High chromium cast iron is a kind of high hardness and high strength alloy white cast iron with high corrosion resistance wear-resistant, high chrome cast iron in the case without any heat


a chilled ductile cast iron by a ball-cratering test using SiC slurry and the 19Cr iron with a higher chromium content ex-hibitedthebestwearresistance.Lessinformationcanbefound for the wear behaviour of high chromium cast irons in wet conditions with corrosive media. Relative erosion-corrosion wear rate of Fe-(15 to 30)Cr-3C has been reported

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High Chromium Irons Description High chromium irons provide excellent erosion resistance and a reasonable degree of corrosion resistance due to their high alloy content, thus surpassing all other cast irons for use in aggressive services. They are recommended for


The chrome-nickel steels are used for a variety of applications on aircraft and missiles. In plate and sheet form it is used for fire walls, surface skin, exhaust stacks, heater ducts, gun wells, ammunition chutes, clamps, heat shields/deflectors, fairing, stiffeners, brackets, shims, etc.

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Wear and Abrasion Resistant Cast Irons (White Irons) Click here for the Metallurgy of Cast Iron. White cast irons are widely used in abrasive wear applications involved in the crushing, grinding, milling and handling of abrasive materials such as minerals and ores, both dry and as slurries.


High Chromium White Cast Iron (High Cr White Iron) High Chromium White Cast Iron, or High Cr White Iron, grades are used in wear applications that require some corrosion resistance. The high chromium content offers the corrosion resistance and the fine carbides dispersed throughout provide the hardness. These grades cannot be welded.

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ZHI X H, XING J D, GAO Y M, et al. Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of a Ti-bearing hypereutectic high chromium white cast iron[J]. Materials Science and Engineering A,2008, 487: 171–179.

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Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel Thomas G. Digges,1 Samuel J. Rosenberg,1 and Glenn W. Geil This Monograph is a revision of the previous NBS Monograph 18. Its purpose is to provide an understanding of the heat treatment of iron and steels, principally to those unacquainted with this subject. The basic principles involved in the

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12/12/2018· Common Heat Treatment for the Specific Cast-Iron Types. High-alloy (e.g., high chromium, high nickel-chromium) white irons can be heat treated. For example, nickel-chromium white-iron castings are given a stress-relief heat treatment because, properly made, they have an as-cast martensitic matrix structure. Tempering is performed between 205°C

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Alloying Elements in Stainless Steel and Other Chromium-Containing Alloys by Pierre-Jean Cunat Pure iron is too soft to be used for the purpose of structure, but the addition of small quantities of other elements (carbon, manga-nese or silicon for instance) greatly

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Depending on how the iron is processed, it can take various forms. Pig iron, with about 4-5% carbon and some other metallic impurities is usually used for cast articles such as stoves, cookware, pipes, lampposts and rails. Iron can be made hard and brittle by heating to a high temperature and then quenching it quickly in water. In this form

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Blue Light Industry, a subsidiary of the UAE based engineering conglomerate Trinity Holdings, is a leading provider of engineered sand castings, heat treatment and electroplating service. For over 20 years, Blue Light has been committed to offer quality services to diverse industry requirements.

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High Chrome Wear Plates For Heat Treatment. High Chrome Wear Plates for Heat treatment Introduction High chromium cast iron grate plate of cement mill matrix hardness is very high, can resist cutting wear in low impact load, iron chromium carbide particles as hard phase embedded in the matrix, the matrix played a supporting role and can...

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EN24T Steel Properties. EN24T / 817m40.EN24 is usually supplied in the T condition with a tensile strength of 850/1000 N/mm 2.. EN24T steel is a popular grade of through-hardening alloy steel due to its excellent machinability in the "T" condition.

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EN26 is a 2.5% nickel chromium molybdenum high hardenability, high tensile steel, generally supplied hardened and tempered in the tensile range 1000 1150 Mpa (Condition V) Rc 31 38.Characterised by high strength and toughness in very large sections similar to EN25 but with higher carbon content, particularly suitable where high surface pressure exists.